What exactly is rosin ?

Rosin is obtained by a solventless extraction technique using a combination of both heat and pressure to squeeze the terpenes and cannabinoids resin out of the cannabis flowers.

The product obtained with this extraction method is an incredibly potent, flavorful solid form of resin.

It’s brittle and shatter-like appearance, when left at room temperature, quickly turn into a honey-like consistency when heated.

The extraction process does not require any foreign substances and, therefore, the final product is an amazingly pure and clean resin, completely free of hazardous residual solvents.

This incredibly potent hard-caramel-candy looking resin is prized for both it’s effects and phenomenal taste.

What is the difference between hemp and cannabis ?

Organic CBD LLC exclusively cultivates high CBD/low THC cannabis Sativa strains. The THC in our plants have been decreased to level inferior to 0.3% by a group of professional growers and scientists here in VT, USA.

In order to achieve and maintain the ideal CBD/THC ratio, our plants are repeatedly laboratory-tested through their growing process.

Hemp and Cannabis are genetically distinct and the most apparent difference lies in their appearance.

  • Cannabis, which is grown for it’s flowering buds, are generally short and wide in appearance. More bushy-like. Take a look at our pictures.
  •  Hemp, on the other hand, is a tall and lean plant, grown for its wide range of purposes, including soil purification and decontamination. Due to its propensity to absorbs all toxins, pesticides and heavy metals from the soil, the oil extracted from these plants tend to be loaded in residues.

Beware of European or Asian hemp imports